Stilson Canyon Herd

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The Stilson Canyon herd of Painted horses was a rare find because of their unique geographical surroundings and the herd's willingness to allow close contact by humans. As a photographer, as long as I respected a protocol with the herd, I was able to work amongst them, making what I feel is a portrait of their life in Stilson Canyon, Chico, California.

In the presence of these beautiful and sublime animals, many thoughts consumed me, such as the fact that horses brought civilization where man could never have without them. They are indelibly embedded in the human psyche. It was my sincere pleasure to photograph these magnificent horses, and the experience has changed me forever.


Silver Gelatin Photograph
Dimensions: 16" × 20"
Editions: 25

Stallion, Mare, Flowers Face Off Fly Herd, Trees, Rocks Horizon Legs Mare and Tree Murdered Horse Raquinor Reclining Reflecting Running Scratching Trail Watching a Fly